Concord Church

"You Have To Trust Process"



Concord Church's Financial Confession of Faith


Father, I know that you have a financial Plan for the believer called Tithes and Offerings.  At this moment, I set my heart to tap into YOUR financial plan for me.  Satan will not rob me anymore in my Finances.  In the name of JESUS by Faith, I am this moment planting my Financial Seed in the Kingdom of GOD's Field.  I am doing this because I know that it is a Biblical truth, and I set my heart to obey the WORD.  FATHER, I also know that it is a Biblical truth, that in return for my Financial Faithfulness, YOU are supplying all my needs and above my needs.  Because I have tapped into YOUR financial Plan, I believe that YOU are raising up Somebody, somewhere to use their Power, Their ability, Their influence to help me.  In JESUS Name, I hold fast to my confession in Your Financial Plan.  AMEN.



Growth in Giving


Question:  Will a man rob GOD?  


Answer:  Yes, with Tithes and Offerings


Question: What are your Tithes? 


Answer:  Tithes refer to the giving of 10% of a person's Gross Income to GOD.


Reference: Malachi 3:8-12