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           “The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” (Psalm 126:3 NKJV)     

    These words of the Psalmist fill our hearts and minds as we look back at how God has placed in our hearts to launch a program on sheer faith to assist under privileged, children in the rural community. 


     Please allow us to introduce ourselves, here’s a quick flashback at just a portion of what GOD is doing:



     The Concord Church Family experienced wonderful results of our Pastor’s visionary purpose through this reading program.  But, the thing that was extremely gratifying was to hear different individuals remind us of how this reading program ministry impacted their lives, both socially and spiritually, as well as the importance of maintaining a vision for reaching the world with the Word of God. There is one child in particular that we would like to share his touching story.  For the sake of discretion, we shall call him “ Noah”.  Noah came into the program when he was in the 4th

grade, and could not read at a 1st grade level.  Since the reading program ministry his grade scores

have tremendously improved, and he is overly enthusiastic to be the one to read aloud when given the opportunity.  This is something he would never do before, because he could not. Unfortunately, in order to continue our efforts, and continue to see this program flourish, we are seeking monetary support. We are working diligently to equip Believers to become educated, pray effectively and fervently, and to see God work miracles in their lives.                                         


     We understand that your organization does provide assistance to other worthy groups and organizations.  We are appealing to your generosity, and asking that you please give consideration to our efforts in keeping this program in existence.

     We We would be remiss if we closed this letter without sharing one very special blessing with you.  Years ago when God gave our Shepherd, Stanley P. Harris the vision to begin his work, he made the decision to trust God to care for the needs of that work.  My friend, you are truly a blessing from God!  It would simply not have been possible for all of this to be accomplished without your generous support and faithful prayers.

       We are so excited about what God has in store for us . Doors of opportunity to minister the Word of God, and we need your help to be sure we take full advantage of every opportunity.  There is no doubt in our minds that God meant for us to make a mighty impact in Lee and surrounding counties while there is still time to reach people.

  We are asking you to please partner with us in our ongoing process of changing lives one person at a time.

 Thank you, again for being such a blessing to us, and to the Service of the King, we know that you have a special love gift for the Kingdom’s work.

Stanley P. Harris -Pastor/Founder

Teresa Harris- First Lady

   “Transforming A Generation One Person At A Time

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