Concord Church

"You Have To Trust Process"


I am doing a new and wonder-working thing through ordained Worship!  I long to meet my people in the Worship moments in their homes and in My House.  Worship is ordained to honor Me, to glorify Me saith GOD, but also to help you, to minister to in so many ways, study My WORD you will see it so.  Make your private Worship and your public Worship a priority and you will experience the full measure of its benefits.  Worship Me with exuberance, Worship Me in excellence, Worship Me with expectations and all that I am and all that I promised will begin to manifest.  Others, yes even the slothful, even the sinners and even the seekers will be drawn to Me through their observation of your earnest Worship.  Expect the harvest true Worship  can produce.  So boldly magnify Me and minimize our miseries through Worship for nothing is too hard for Me and the supernatural  will break forth on the left hand and on the right hand.  The time is now! The time is now!  The time is now to be a true Worshipper My WORD calls for who will touch Heaven so that I am released to touch the earth in magnificent ways! So Rejoice! So Rejoice! So Rejoice! So Rejoice! So Rejoice, the earth is yielding her increase for you and blessings shall manifest among you in greater measures saith GOD!


Be Encouraged Pastor Stan P. Harris